Operation Handwarmer 2021 Collections

Operation Handwarmer 2020 was cancelled  due to COVID-19 restrictions . 

This year for 2021 there have been some changes due to access to the troops and COVID-19 restrictions to access on the base and shipping restrictions.  The changes are as follows:

There will not be a packing party for 2021.  The drop off location for donated items is Century 21 Larry Miller's Office on Belair Road November 1, 2021 through December 1, 2021.  December 3rd is the cut off date because there will be no way to get them to the troops.  Burt will take the items to Savannah to be put on flights to deployed troops.  If you have any questions you can contact Burt at (706) 339-4274.  Thank you for your support.

Burt Sappenfield

Operation Handwarmer 2021 Information

 November 1 - 31, 2021 Operation Handwarmer will be collecting the above pictured items for troops stationed abroad. Even with the draw down of military troops in Afghanistan; we still have troops stationed over-seas.  

With troops stationed state-side, there is a need for certain items that the new recruits have a difficult time affording.  We will be working directly with the chaplains that have programs to help the troops in need. 

Operation Handwarmer

Thank you Larry Miller Century 21 Realty, WFXG Fox 54, Walmart (Evans GA), IHeart Media, Augusta Chronicle for your support in 2019

******Over 27,000 items were collected for 2019

Thank you for your support.  The items are already on their way with the troops.  


Henry Burt Smiley

January 1, 1947 - October 13, 2020

Retired telecommunications specialist

Vietnam Veteran

Thank you for your military service and

Thank you for your help with Operation Handwarmer !

 You will be missed

Thank  you Club Car employees for a very successful Operation Handwarmer packing party.  Most of the items were taken directly to Army Chaplains who will take these items to our soldiers.  The remaining boxes will be shipped to a group already stationed overseas.

It is acts of kindness and support that our service men and women appreciate more than we would ever know.

"Thank you for caring enough to act"

LTC, AV Commanding Officer

Hunter Army Air Base Savannah, GA

SUCCESS Operation Hand-Warmer 2019!!!

Project "Operation Hand-Warmer" collected over 26,000 items for our troops!  This was way above and beyond any previous years collections!!!

This was possible because of the wonderful community support.  









W​e support our Troops

Providing business opportunities for veterans. For more information visit:


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"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it's in your power to help them" Proverbs 3:27

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Packing Party for "Operation Handwarmer" Updated

A big "Thank You" to The American Legion Evans, GA for allowing us to use your facilities for the packing party in 2019 . 

Without support from people like Larry Miller Century 21 Realty, Bert Dean at Clarion South and Rob Forbes at Moving Canvas Media, iHeart Media, WFXG Fox 54, and the Augusta Chronicle we could not make this program such a success.  So many people have helped make this program run so smooth.  From the people that help pack boxes to the people behind the scenes that make videos, pickup supplies, supply food, purchase items, mail packages, and put drop off boxes in their place of business.

Thank You All

"Providing care packages to our troops serving abroad"

To Learn More, Please Contact:

Burt Sappenfield (706) 339-4274

[email protected]

Providing business opportunities for veterans.  For more information visit:


Your the One!

"Operation Handwarmer"

We collect hand warmers, snacks, and personal items to fill our boxes to send to our troops...YOU ARE THE ONE TO HELP!


Video Commerical

The Word Gets Around...

People from all areas and all ages are collecting hand warmers and supplies for the troops.  

Learn More

"Operation Handwarmer"

Since 2012

"Operation Handwarmer" was started in 2009 when we discovered a need for helping our troops stay warm in very cold climates and for sending a "little support" their way, because we care.

Columbia County

Magazine Article

"Operation Handwarmer" kick off at CSRA CENTURY 21 Larry Miller

Burt Sappenfield, founder of "Operation Handwarmer", and owner of Majestic Floor Care, LLC  (MajesticFCB.com)  speaks at the CSRA CENTURY 21 Larry Miller Realty Group.   

Thank You for your support!

Contact: Burt Sappenfield for more information

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Facebook, children at local school send wishes...

Our Troops Appreciate Your Support

I can't tell you how heart warming it was to receive your care package It help the moral of my Navy Sailors!

Since receiving your gift of hand warmers; none of our helicopter pilots (flying in sub zero temperatures) have had frostbite!

"I am a crew chief in a helicopter and the hand warmers have allowed us to keep our fingers warm in sub zero temperatures."

We thank you for any donations of hand warmers and/or supplies to send to our troops.  

We do not accept cash or check donations.

Call us for more information

1 (706) 339-4274

email:  [email protected]

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